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How to become an Openside affiliate (Openside Insiders)

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How to become an Openside affiliate (Openside Insiders)

Becoming an affiliate with Openside has multiple perks, including a great commission rate on recurring subscriptions (every month!) for people you introduce to Openside products who become paying subscribers. As an Openside Insider you have access to your own unique referral links to use for your clients. You also become part of a great community of experts all invested in making the world of tech integration and automation better.

To become an Openside Affiliate:

Step #1: Go to

Once there, you'll want to create an account by filling out each field:


Step #2: Confirm your email

Immediately after signing up, check your email inbox for a message from [email protected]. If you don't get it immediately, refresh your inbox.

Click the link to confirm your account


*Note: If you still don't seem to get an email, check your spam or promotions folders, as the email often gets put there mistakenly

Step #3: Specify your Paypal address

After confirming your email, you'll be prompted to specify your Paypal address (if different than the email you used). It's critical to have the correct address entered, because this is how your commissions are paid.

You can always change the payment address afterward if you switch Paypal accounts. Access this option under the "Edit Profile" option. This won't affect your login credentials.

Step #4: Find and copy your affiliate link


As stated on your dashboard, when you send someone to you'll attach your unique identifier to the end of your link:


If you want to send someone to a specific page or product, simply find that page, copy the link, then add "?via=YOURID" to the end of the link before sharing it.

Step #5: Share great connectors and make money

Now you're equipped to link clients or friends to a specific connector or other product provided by Openside that they need. When someone signs up with your link, you receive commission based on what they purchase. If they purchase a subscription-type product, you receive commission for every month they stay signed up and paying.

Good luck!

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