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What's New / Change Log


Check out the new version of On2Air: Actions

A complete revamp and upgrade for your Airtable workflow!

On2Air: Actions is an advanced connector to integrate your Airtable data with any other software, including over 2,500 apps with 15+ additional action options beyond the standard Airtable actions.

5/10/2019 - Version 1.0.13

* Support for New 'Last Modified' Single Record Updates. Can now use the newly released 'Last Modified Time' field to trigger updates on records. This will cause a trigger each time the selected Last Modified field updates. It will not process records that are older than 30 minutes to avoid processing unwanted records. This does not work in Bulk Mode (you can still accomplish similar behavior by using the Compare 2 Fields and use your Last Modified Time as your Compare Field). CAUTION: Need to be careful to not create cyclical updates. USE CAREFULLY

See documentation here.

* Now returns full record data on following actions: Update Single Record, Update Multiple Records, Insert Single Record, Insert Multiple Records

These actions previously only returned the IDs of the items updated/created. Now there is a new option to return the full data. Simple set the 'Return Data' to yes and now the results will contain a 'item' object for single record actions, or an 'items' array for bulk actions. This will perform any formulas running in Airtable before returning. This saves a step by having to query the record(s) in another action.

See docuentation here.

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