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Start Here!

Welcome to On2Air Forms! Create powerful forms that sync with your Airtable base. 💪

About On2Air Forms

On2Air Forms flexibly combines the robust form building features of JotForm with the data in your Airtable database.

Acquire advanced functionality for your forms, including auto-population, real-time data, and the ability to update or add data to your Airtable database.

The On2Air Forms suite of add-ons has three components:

  • Simple Select is a form dropdown field that seamlessly pulls values from records in your Airtable base.
  • Placeholder stores Simple Select field values in plain text to increase your form building powers.
  • Webhook Generator allows you to connect your On2Air-enabled form with Zapier or any API automation builder.

Quick Start 💥

  1. Locate your On2Air Forms welcome email in your inbox. It contains your super-secret access links. (Crowded inbox? No worries. Contact us to resend.)
  2. Login to your Airtable and Jotform accounts. (Or sign up – there are free plans for both!)
  3. Follow the Simple Select Setup to connect your Airtable and JotForm.

Follow Along with Our Demo Base

These tutorials use data from this sample Muppet Airtable base. Use your own base, or copy this base to your Airtable account to follow along. Happy building!

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