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Simple Select | Setup

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Simple Select | Setup

This tutorial shows you how to add the On2Air Forms Simple Select widget to your JotForm.

Simple Select generates a dropdown field on your form that pulls selections from Airtable. Setup is simple and should take 10 minutes or less.




Initial Setup


Add the widget to your JotForm account

  1. Click on the On2Air Forms Simple Select widget link provided in the email from Openside. This will open up a JotForm widget settings page in a new window.
  2. Remove the "Clone of" from the widget Name and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Verify you're a human, and click Save.
  3. The On2Air Forms Simple Select widget is added to your Jotform account! You only have to do this for your account once.

Generate a Source Token for your Airtable base

You'll need one Source Token for each base you'd like to connect to JotForm. You'll need to repeat this section each time you'd like to connect a new base to the JotForm widget.

  1. Open the On2Air Forms Hash Builder. This will open up a landing page in a new window where you'll have to fill in a few bits of information. This generates a unique Source Token that you'll use each time you add the widget to a form.
  2. Input your Openside Key, Airtable API Key, Based ID, and (optionally) Table name.


    * = required input

    FormatWhere to Find It
    Openside Key*XXXXXXXXXXX

    Login with your Openside account credentials and copy and paste your key.


    Login to your Airtable account. Copy and paste the key generated under API.


    Base ID*appXXXXXXXXX

    Select the base you'd like to connect to Jotform.

    Click Authentication on the table of contents on the left. You'll see a URL in the code box on the right that looks something like the below:


    Copy the appXXXXXXXX portion of the URL and paste into Jotform.

    Table NamePlain textThe name of your table exactly how it appears on the tab in your connected base.


    Table Name is optional, and you can leave it blank.

    Leave this blank if you'd like to be able to use this same Source Token to pull from different tables in your base for different form fields.

    You can indicate the table name later in the Widget Settings in your individual forms.

  3. Click SUBMIT to generate your unique Source Token. Copy and paste this token in a safe place – we'll be using it in the steps below. (If you lose your Source Token, no worries – it's easy to return to this form and generate a new one!)

Add Simple Select to Your Form

Once you’ve added the On2Air Forms widget to your account, you can use it on new forms, or add it to existing ones.

Add the widget to your form

  1. Return to JotForm home. Choose or create the form you'd like to use with the On2Air Forms widget.
  2. Click on Add Form Element + on the lefthand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Widgets and choose the On2Air Simple Forms widget. This will add a new dropdown field to your form that defaults to the question text "Select from Table".
  4. (optional) If you'd like to change the field title, click on the title and replace the default text with your question name.
  5. (optional) If you'd like to make the field required, select the field and click on Properties. Scroll down to the bottom of the General tab and under Required, choose "Yes".

Update widget settings

  1. Select the On2Air Forms field and click Widget Settings.
  2. Enter your Source Token, Table Name, and Display Field.


    *required input

    FormatWhere to Find It
    Source Token*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPaste the token generated in the Generate a Source Tokenstep above.

    Or, just create a new one by filling out the fields again on the Hash Builder landing page.


    Table Name*Plain textThe name of your table exactly how it appears on the tab in your connected base.


    You do not need to input this value if you already specified the Table Name when generating your Source Token.

    Display Field*Plain textThe field name you'd like to use to display form options. Must match exactly to the field column header in your base.


  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the widget options and Update Widget.
  4. Preview your form. The field pulls dropdown options from Airtable according to your specified Table and Display Field! 🎉

Finishing Your Form

Explore more Simple Select features

Refine your dropdown by limiting record choices by view, adding a default value, and more. Dive into Simple Select's advanced features.

Add multiple Simple Select fields

You can add multiple Simple Select fields to your form. If you'd like to pull records from another Airtable base and/or table, generate a new Source Tokenand wash, rinse, and repeat the above instructions. (Keep in mind that adding many widgets to your form may slow down form performance.)

Use responses in other parts of your form with Placeholder

Increase your form building powers. Add the On2Air Forms Placeholder widget to store Simple Select responses in plain text to use in other parts of your form build. For example, you may want to use conditional logic to show or hide other fields, or dynamically update other questions' labels based on Simple Select responses.

Use the Webhook Generator to send responses to Zapier and beyond

Automate! Once your form is complete, you can use webhooks to instantly send form submission data to another app. You may want to use Zapier to update records in your Airtable base or complete other automated actions. Use theOn2Air Forms Webhook Generator to format your On2Air-enabled form's webhook payloads and set up Zaps.

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