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Getting Started

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Getting Started

Airtable account and Zapier account. Once you purchase this connector, you'll see a link to install the Openside Airtable Connector into your Zapier account in three different places. The first is right on the order confirmation page, the second in your "My Account" page under "My Subscription," and the third in an email sent to the address you provided at time of checkout. Click on any of those links to install, and be sure to be logged into Zapier with the account you plan to use.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you're signed into the correct Zapier account before clicking the link and accepting the invite to use the connector, as this will automatically install the connector to the signed-in Zapier account, and cannot be undone.

The below example shows the links as they appear in both the order confirmation page and the subscription section of your account:


A similar link will appear in your email in the purchase confirmation sent to your inbox.

After Installing the Connector:

First step is to set up your Airtable Base and Table to be able to use for testing. Here is a sample one you can copy.

Now, its time to setup your Zap in Zapier.

Find the Openside Airtable Connector
Search for “Openside Airtable” and you’ll see the custom connector. Select it. Be sure to not select the existing Airtable connector provided by Zapier.

Authenticate Your Airtable Account

Click the ‘Connect Account’ button, and a popup will come up with a single field to enter your API Key. You can get your API key from your Airtable account here. Once created, you will want to change the name of the Connection to better associate it with your Airtable account/user instead of the last 5 characters of your API key.

Find Your Airtable API Key
Enter Your API Key in Zapier
Once you've connected your Airtable with the Openside Zapier connector, use the following articles in this knowledge base to set up specific parts of the connector

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