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Bulk Extraction (advanced)

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Bulk Extraction (advanced)

The following functions require advanced (programmer level) understanding of Zapier.

Here are two options that can be done with the connector:


Return results as JSON:

Used when you want an entire bulk output treated as one element (instead of as line items). This allows all the data to be worked on at once, instead of being parsed.

Select "yes" on this option if this is the desired outcome. Default is blank, or "no."

Replace Commas:

Due to Zapier limitation that treats commas as different items, this option allows you to bypass that limitation by replacing commas with "!COMMA!". In reverse, the system will replace "!COMMA!" with an actual comma if you're doing a bulk entry.

Select "no" on this option if you don't want this to happen. Default is turned on, or "yes."

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