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On2Air: Forms not Showing in Jotform

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For those trying to use the On2Air: Forms widget within Jotform, Jotform recently performed an upgrade to their system and it wiped out all custom/private widgets like ours. They are aware of the situation and working to resolve it. We will keep you posted here when we hear back from them.

The good news is, the widget still works for any forms already configured.

In the meantime, if you already have one of our widgets in your form and wanting to add another, you can simply duplicate the existing widget field and then modify the copied one accordingly.

If creating a new form, or using On2Air: Forms for the first time, it gets a bit trickier. We have a workaround in place. Contact our Support and we will provide you details on how to get it working.

- Openside/On2Air Team

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